Get to Know GeoCAAB: The Next Revolution in Geosynthetics

blog post Get to Know GeoCAAB: The Next Revolution in Geosynthetics

If you're looking for the next revolution in geosynthetics, then look no further than GeoCAAB. But what exactly is GeoCAAB and how does it work?

GeoCAAB is a state-of-the-art software designed to bring geosynthetics into the digital age by updating the old methods used to collect and store data.

The Computer-Aided As-Built software utilizes GPS mapping to provide real-time diagramming that logs the location of each panel in a three-dimensional view. This allows for the exact elevation and location of every seam, weld, and repair to be seen during and after installation. The stored information accumulates into a complex Data Warehouse that users can leverage for operational improvements.

GeoCAAB digitizes previously hand-written data collection methods and integrates automated quality checks to save time in the field and streamline data reporting for project submittals.

Having one platform to store and reference accurate data allows for maximized efficiency, accuracy, and organization on geosynthetic projects.

With GeoCAAB, you can streamline your geosynthetic project and experience the revolution for yourself. Schedule a consultation with GeoCAAB today and see the benefits of this cutting-edge software firsthand.

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