Frequently Asked Questions
What is GeoCAAB

GeoCAAB is a quality assurance platform that utilizes a GPS As-Built to digitize field data collection, streamlines final reporting packages, and provides a data warehouse that can be leveraged for overall process improvements.

What hardware is required to use GeoCAAB?

For the manager account: A windows device that can run Java. For the user accounts: There will be field specd tablet that also runs Windows 10 and Java. Also will require a GPS Rover that can collect points with Northing, Easting, Elevation, and Feature Code Attributes.

How will this affect my current QA/QC workflow?

This will heavily depend on your current workflow. Whether you are using pen and paper or already using a tablet to collect data, please schedule a call with us and we would love to speak with you about your current processes and how we can adapt our platform around them.

How long will the implementation of GeoCAAB take?

We are committed to doing as much training as needed to ensure that our customers are fully comfortable with the software. We anticipate a week long in person implementation accompanied by follow up phone calls and virtual sessions that may span weeks to a month.

What type of files does GeoCAAB produce?

GeoCAAB produces a AutoCAD DXF file, as well as PDF reports.

What industries should use GeoCAAB?

GeoCAAB currently is designed for the Geosynthetics industry but there will be future updates to the software to allow for a more wide scope of industries. Please follow our socials, linked at the bottom of this page, to stay up to date with our progress.

Will there be training and support included?

Yes, with a purchase of GeoCAAB there will be a detailed training program to ensure that the software is used effectively as well as complimentary phone and remote access support provided for the duration of the software.

Who should be involved in the GeoCAAB implementation?

GeoCAAB was developed for the field end-user in mind. The implementation process will have to involve a QAQC decision maker as well as individual training for each field QAQC technician.

How many licenses of GeoCAAB will be needed?

Please contact our sales department to be helped with this

Where can I learn more about GeoCAAB?

You can contact us at1 (888) 401-5196 or Please follow our socials, linked below, to stay up to date with our progress.

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