The GeoCAAB Story

blog post The GeoCAAB Story

From Paperwork to Powerhouse: The GeoCAAB Story

How a Software Started the Geosynthetics Revolution

Imagine a world where geosynthetic installations are streamlined, efficient, and demonstrably accurate. In a world where paper logs are replaced with real-time data, reports are generated instantly. This is the future GeoCAAB is building, one quality-controlled project at a time.

Born from Innovation, Driven by Progress

A decade ago, COMANCO's QA/QC department saw a gap. The geosynthetics industry needed to catch up to the technological revolution. They envisioned a digital solution to optimize processes and ensure unmatched quality control.

CAAB: The Genesis of a Game-Changer

Thus, CAAB was born. In 2009 COMANCO developed the first GPS mapping software for geosynthetic installations. Internally used at COMANCO, CAAB put their QA/QC team at the forefront of the industry. But the vision extended beyond just one company.

GeoCAAB: Empowering the Industry

The minds behind CAAB knew the true potential lay in sharing this revolutionary tool. In 2018, COMANCO moved CAAB to a cloud-based software system. This change would be the catalyst for GeoCAAB's public debut. In 2023, GeoCAAB emerged as a dedicated company determined to transform the entire geosynthetics landscape.

Why GeoCAAB is Your Competitive Edge

GeoCAAB is more than software; it's a complete quality control revolution. Here's how it empowers your business:

  • Ditch the Paperwork:
  • Guaranteed Accuracy:
  • Instantaneous Reporting:
  • Become an Industry Leader:

The Legacy of Handwritten Records Ends Here

The industry standard may be paper based, but GeoCAAB is changing that. Become an early adopter and reap the benefits:

  • Impress Your Clients
  • Boost Your Reputation
  • Maximize ROI

GeoCAAB: Your Partner in Success

We offer customizable solutions, comprehensive training, and dedicated customer support. Schedule a consultation and discuss how GeoCAAB can propel your geosynthetic business into the digital age.

Contact us today and join the quality control revolution1 (888) 401-5196 )

Together, let's build a future where excellence is standard.

GeoCAAB: Experience the Next Revolution in Geosynthetics

We are a computer-aided as-built software, built by the field, for the field, that utilizes GPS mapping to maximize efficiency, accuracy, and organization. 

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