Having QA/QC Struggles?

blog post Having QA/QC Struggles?

Having QA/QC Struggles? We built a solution. 

We asked QA/QC Technicians to share their most common struggles on the job, and the results were telling. Most QC Techs have the same difficulties, like keeping track of extensive records and drawing detailed maps by hand. But these challenges boiled down to one central dilemma: time management. 

It's no secret that QA/QC Techs have a heavy workload. And, the more people we asked, the more apparent it was that there wasn't enough time in a day for all of their tasks. That's when we started to look for solutions. Could we find a method to fix this madness? 

Despite our best efforts, slowing down time turned out to be impossible. And, since every aspect of a QC Tech's job is essential, reducing the workload was also out of the question. That left us with one final option: speeding up the rate at which QA/QC Technicians could work. Luckily, this one panned out. 

Making QA/QC work faster and easier required a few things. First, we had to find a way to store records from all their geosynthetics projects in one location and make them accessible from anywhere. GeoCAAB's cloud-based software makes inputting data and exporting reports from any location a breeze. This feature alone reduces the time spent recording data and reports by hand exponentially. 

Next, we had to find an alternative to hand drawing as-builts to address the second most common complaint we heard from the field. With GeoCAAB's digital GPS mapping capabilities, QA/QC Techs never have to draw an as-built by hand again. Just shoot the points for your installation or repair on a mobile GPS device and watch the as-built come to life on your portable screen. 

You are not alone if you struggle to manage your workload as a QA/QC Technician. The good news is that modern technology has brought modern solutions, and it's no time travel, but GeoCAAB is the closest we could get. Our unique combination of cloud-based data storage and digital GPS mapping is guaranteed to streamline your work processes and reduce the time you spend on manual tasks. 

See the future first-hand. Contact our team to schedule a consultation, and let's take your geosynthetic projects to the next level together. 

GeoCAAB: the Next Revolution in Geosynthetics

We are a Computer Aided As-Built software, built by the field, for the field, that utilizes GPS mapping to maximize efficiency, accuracy, and organization. 

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