Landfill Gas to Energy with Geosynthetics

blog post Landfill Gas to Energy with Geosynthetics

Landfill Gas to Renewable Energy Using Geosynthetics

Did you know Landfills produce energy? Methane, or Landfill Gas (LFG), is a Landfill byproduct and can be collected and turned into energy. 

About 68 percent of currently operational LFG energy projects in the United States generate electricity. ( That means, in the U.S. alone, LFG could power over 70,000 homes annually! (About 0.78MW of electricity is generated per 1 million tons of waste. There are an estimated million tons of trash in U.S. landfills and 1MW powers 650 homes annually on average.

That's a lot of energy! However, most LFG projects only collect about 60-90% of methane emissions, depending on the geosynthetic system's design and installation. ( A faulty system can significantly reduce emission collection, resulting in production loss and increased pollution potential. 

Renewable energy is on the rise, and the future of sustainability leaves little room for error. That's why we created GeoCAAB, a cloud-based quality control software used to improve geosynthetic liner installations across the globe. Its Computer Aided As-Built (CAAB) technology allows for real-time GPS mapping, and its advanced data analytics features empower informed decision-making. Engineers and Technicians can streamline workflows, boost accuracy, and improve the quality of all their geosynthetics projects. 

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We are a Computer Aided As-Built software, built by the field, for the field, that utilizes GPS mapping to maximize efficiency, accuracy, and organization. 

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