Optimize Results with GeoCAAB Equipment

blog post Optimize Results with GeoCAAB Equipment

Optimize Results with GeoCAAB Equipment

Did you know GeoCAAB's benefits extend beyond the cloud? In addition to our software, GeoCAAB users can also access exclusive GeoCAAB equipment. While our software addresses the digital needs of the geosynthetic industry, GeoCAAB also addresses the industry's physical need for reliable equipment. Our Tensiometer and Coupon Cutter sport a bright green finish, making them easily recognizable as high-quality equipment. Additionally, though GeoCAAB software is compatible with all Tensiometers, our Tensiometer is designed to work with the software, allowing automatic uploads instead of manual uploads. Combining a QA/QC Technicians digital and physical needs with GeoCAAB makes for a complete package guaranteed to optimize your field processes. 

GeoCAAB: Experience the Next Revolution in Geosynthetics - We are a Computer Aided As-Built software, built by the field, for the field, that utilizes GPS mapping to maximize efficiency, accuracy, and organization. 

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