Q/C Technicians Experience Game-Changing Results

blog post Q/C Technicians Experience Game-Changing Results

How long will it take to see the benefits of using GeoCAAB? Our customers are reporting immediate and game-changing results. We recently visited a new GeoCAAB user and geosynthetic installer, RTD Enterprises, to help them implement the software in person. 

After just one week of using GeoCAAB, a field technician, who usually spent hours every night at his hotel keeping up with his workload, said he was "amazed when (he) was 100% finished with his QC work on-site by the end of the day." 

Not only did this realization mean that he would no longer have to work late nights at the hotel, but he could also use his newfound time to help with other tasks on site.

GeoCAAB completely transforms the way Geosynthetic installers, engineers, and technicians get things done. Just one week of training followed by a week of usage at RTD Enterprises made a world of difference for their field technicians, eliminating late-night work hours and allowing for greater productivity on-site. That previously untapped potential is becoming a reality for RTD and many more. 

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