The Power of Data Analytics

blog post The Power of Data Analytics

Annual reports are everywhere this time of year.

It is impossible to avoid the countless spreadsheets documenting everything from finances to market trends. By now, you have likely combed through thousands of numbers yourself to compile one or two of these reports. Even Spotify generates reports for users highlighting their top artists, songs, and albums throughout the year.

Why is this? 

The answer for Spotify users might be, "It's fun!" People love to see where their time was spent during the last 12 months. While that can also be true for businesses, many companies eagerly look back on their yearly stats for other reasons, like calculating their progress. Every industry worldwide is optimizing data collection to leverage its operating efficiency. It's essential to see how far we've come to predict where we are headed, an advantage often unavailable to geosynthetic installers, engineers, and owners. 

After completing a geosynthetics installation, contractors and engineers are left with a vast amount of data. Previously, this information went unused after project completion. At most, installers keep track of their destructive test failure rate as a general industry parameter to track a company's quality. However, a more in-depth analysis can be made using a metrics analysis tool like GeoCAAB. GeoCAAB's centralized database allows users to leverage the data collected from past installations and use their findings to optimize future geosynthetics projects.

Report parameters available to GeoCAAB users include:

- Field Pre-weld Pass/Fail Rate

- Field Destruct Pass/Fail Rate

- Laboratory Destruct Pass/Fail Rate

- Linear Feet Welded

- Extrusion

- Linear Feet Welded

- Fusion- Square Foot Deployed

- Repairs by Damage Type

- Waste Percentages

All of which can then be filtered by:

- Date Range

- Material

- Welding Technician

- Welding Equipment Used

- Superintendent

- Job Site

- Client

Combining these metrics provides a far more comprehensive picture of a project's success beyond simple Pass/Fail percentages. When generated by GeoCAAB, your reports are customizable, generated instantly, and safely stored in the cloud. Streamlining your geosynthetic project has never been easier. 

In addition to these baseline improvements, utilizing GeoCAAB's custom reporting features can lead to more targeted solutions on job sites. Monitoring trends associated with your welding technicians and material types can help to improve work distribution or identify continually underperforming materials. 

GeoCAAB: Experience the Next Revolution in Geosynthetics We are a Computer Aided As-Built software, built by the field, for the field, that utilizes GPS mapping to maximize efficiency, accuracy, and organization. 

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